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Get in the fast lane today!

How much does it really cost to:

Drive by yourself?


Lost Productivity 








- 250 hours per year

$7500 per year*


$984/yr  (average ) 

$3600/yr  ($300/month x 12)

$1300/yr  on car loan 

$737.10/yr   4 cylinder car


5130kg / year (T) 

30.1% of yearly emissions 

Total cost 


+ 5.13 tonnes of CO2 

250hrs x average wage of $30/hr 

* (10,000kms / 10.6l/100kms = 1060L of fuel x 1.50/l)

Commute with 





Transport cost (Fare)

Platform access fee 







+ 250 hours per year











312kg / year (T) 

That’s over 31days/yr (8 hour work days)

What could you do with an extra month each year? 

1.8% of yearly emissions 

Total cost 


+ 0.31Tonnes of CO2

10 trips / week at $10.65/trip =

$106.50 x 50 weeks

I want to live stress free

​Then this is for you - ditch the traffic, the stress and the driving.

Commute with others heading your way, save time, money and make a real difference in the fight against global warming. 

All the convenience of a car without the cost 

Get from A to B for

only $10.65 

(upto 20kms)

I want to get paid for the drive I'm already doing.

We match you with commuters just like you, who are heading along a similar route.

If you can spare just 5-10 minutes each commute to pick up a like minded neighbour heading your way then this is for you.

is your time worth $100+/hr then Zula is for you

Earn an extra $300/week from the commute you already do?

I want to help make a difference to the environment

If you'd like to be part of something bigger than yourself than Zula is for you


to reduce your carbon footprint 

Global warming is Big, Together we're bigger.

"I can't believe I used to drive to work, Zula has made my commute super easy and helped me save nearly $2000 so far, its just a no brainer." 

Amy  R.

Not Convinced you say? Sounds to good to be true?

Try Zula for a whole week risk free

& make up your own mind

Simone H.

"Zula made my commutes fun again, I made new friends in my area and gained an extra 5 hours of “Me Time” each week."

Andrew P.

"Zula made it simple for me reduce my carbon footprint by 25%, all while helping me save time, money and make amazing friends in my area.

Alana T.

My Zula commute is one of the best parts of the day.  It has given me a chance to prepare for the day and connect with my friends.  

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