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Amaze your customers as we deliver their orders the same day to their doorsteps. Connect with our all-in-one last mile delivery technology at the touch of a button. Showcase your products, manage and track your deliveries in real-time, and get your orders to your customers' door faster than ever before. 


Send and Deliver Same Day 

Send your orders to your customers , delivered the same day with our retail- delivery driver partners. 

Showcase and Sell Products

Showcase your products right in front of your customers, and sell it simply with a click of a button.


Amaze Your Customers

Amaze your customers with super fast and reliable delivery. Create the ultimate customer experience.

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Customers are ordering online now more than ever- so be where they are !


Improve Sales

Improve your sales, and increase your profit. Create ultimate customer experience.


Get Support

Get support at all times with dedicated staff to answer all your queries. 


Grow your brand

Grow your brand and benefit from marketing exclusively focused on our Zula Partners.


Personalized Touch

Point to point delivery means no depot and no sorting, the driver that picked up your parcel will be the one who’s going to deliver it.


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Use Zula Logistics to deliver your orders. Enjoy order volume based discounts on delivery rates. 

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