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Tools & Books

Tools & Books Delivery Brisbane

Do you need a hand in the middle of your job ? A pair of tools ? Screwdriver ? Some knobs and nails ? Let us know so you can carry on with your work, while we fetch it for you, wherever you are. You can also order some snacks while you are on it. You don't have to interrupt your work or your masterpiece.  

Don’t worry about stopping what you are doing and going out and getting those tools, we are Zula Getz are here to provide you same day tools delivery service in Brisbane all 7 days of the week. You can get any tool you need to be delivered at your location within an hour with Zula Getz. So you don’t have to worry about the little things, let Zula take care of it.


Are you a book nerd ? I know that e-books will never come closer to a hard bound pages of a book. Short of time to go get a copy of your favorite book ? Zula also provides same day book delivery from any bookstore from Brisbane. Its as simple as giving us the name of book and the store and within an hour you can immerse yourself into the lands of deep mythical creatures or explore the vastness of the universe, get hypnotized by a juicy romance by the sea of words from those books.

Same Day Delivery Services in Brisbane

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