Live Stress Free

 Drive with others heading your way, save time, money and make a real difference to global warming. 

Home to work for only $10.65/trip* is a no brainer.

Take the stress out of your commute

Life is busy enough without having to worry about battling traffic, dodging road rage and finding parking.  

Check availability in your area

To ensure the best possible experience for all our members we're rolling out limited spots on our network on a first come, first served basis. 

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"Zula made my commutes fun again"

I made new friends in my area and gained an extra 5 hours of “Me Time” each week. 

Simone H. 

Andrew P. 

This is the year

I make a difference. 

"Zula made it simple for me reduce my carbon footprint by 25%, all while helping me save time, money and make amazing friends in my area."

More Time, More Life, More Freedom

Climate change is BIG! 

Together we are BIGGER!

By sharing the trip with others we can utilise our road networks more efficiently, directly reducing emissions by up to 75%, while helping YOU gain time and save money.


Together we can reduce peak hour congestion and making a huge impact to the environment. All without sacrificing time, money or convenience, sounds like  a win win for all.  Isn't it time you made a stand?

We're going beyond 1%

At Zula we believe in using business for good,  that is why $1.25 from every ride will go directly to fund project aimed at reducing, preventing and recapturing CO2 emissions as well as looking after the communities we operate in:


A routine you’ll love 

"My Zula commute, is one of best parts of the day.  It has given me a chance to prepare for the day and connect with my friends.  

You are in control. 

“I love the flexibility and the fact that i’m in control, I get to choose who I ride with and when I tripshare and when I drive myself.” 

Samantha W. 

AJ S. 

The power of small 

Your small action today helps to remove over 4.8* tonnes of Co2 each year. Multiply that by many and together we can stop global warming and secure out future 

100% Risk free

Try us for a whole week and if you don’t think its the best, most convenient way to get to work, then we’ll refund 100% of the trips paid - No questions asked. 

Peter S. and Alana T. 

Robbie B.

How does it work? 

Zula is different to other ride share options, we operate on a member only basis. 

Members select a monthly pass that’s as flexible as you are, with no lock in contracts or hidden fees.  


Each pass gives you a set number of trips on our network at only $10.65/trip up to 20kms with $0.12/km there after. 

Got A Question?

Have a question, contact us below or check out our frequently asked question section 

"I want happier employees"

Companies that ride together, stay together.  Build stronger relationships, have fun and make a difference in your community. 

Show your customers you care about the environment. With your very own carbon star rating and transport CO2 Statistics. 


Ride in a

Trip Share

  • Take a stand against global warming

  • You're in control 

  • Make Friends 

  • Save money and gain time

Drive and Share your


  • Help reduce traffic on our roads

  • You're in control 

  • Help reduce traffic 

  • Make up to $15K/year for something you're already doing anyway