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Where to order groceries online ?

Updated: Apr 21

Are you tired of looking for online grocery stores that offer home delivery within the same day ?

Do you add items in your cart, only to find out right before checking out that there is a minimum cart amount or that the delivery fee is too high or too late ?

Then, it's time you discovered more options available in Brisbane to get your groceries done online and delivered right at your doorsteps, without any minimum cart amount.

We all love our Supermarkets - Aldi, Coles, Woolworths, or IGA Supermarkets, when it comes to finding what we need. And there is no doubt about it.

They even offer free Pack & Pickup Options, or Home Delivery options starting from $6, delivered the next day.

But if you want it delivered the same day, and with no minimum checkout amount, you should check out Zula Getz.

But, let's see if you know all these gems that Brisbane has to offer for your grocery needs.

  1. Hanaro Mart

  2. Market Organics

  3. Rosalie Gourmet Market

  4. Fundies Wholefoods

  5. Monika Groceries

  6. Flannery’s Organic and Wholefood Market

  7. Swiss Gourmet Delicatessen

  8. Harris Farm Market

  9. Mirchh Masala Bazaar

  10. The Source Bulk Foods

Give a read through so you know where to look exactly, the next you are in dire need of specialty products or something refreshing.

Hanaro Mart

Locations: Carindale, Chermside, Garden City, North Lakes, Browns Plains, Toowoomba, Hyperdome, Buranda, Springhill, Sunnybank, Calamvale, Underwood, Pinelands, Upper Mount Gravatt, Toowong, Myer City and various locations.

Hanaro Mart is one of the biggest chains of Korean / Japanese grocery supermarkets in Queensland with years of expertise in Asian food. It is a reliable spot to pick up an assortment of goodies, from imported snack foods and beverages to fresh produce and freezable meals.

Picture Credit: Westfield

It features an enormous refrigerated section with all manner of groceries from vegetable buns to salted squid, Korean dumplings, a bounty of kimchi (the national side dish of fermented Chinese cabbage) and seafood such as monkey fish, octopus balls and shrimp of all sizes. The compact butchery zone offerings range features great value fresh wagyu beef - striploin and oyster blade - as well as marinated pork bulgogi and the odd patella bone while the shelves contain a multitude of miso pastes, noodles, curry and spicy soup mixes, Korean crackers and seaweed sheets.

Check out their website for amazing recipes.

Market Organics

Locations: Rocklea, Clayfield, Ipswich, Newmarket , Chapel Hill and Bulimba.

If you are looking for an organic and sustainable wholefoods retail store dedicated to healthy living, look no further. Owned and managed by the Gelderblom Family, Market Organics features an amazing range of organic fruit and vegetables, a dedicated bulk food corner and plenty of dry and refrigerated goods. Market Organics is fully stocked with everything you need including meat, eggs, dairy, bulk goods, long-life milks, sauces, pastas and more.

Picture Credits : Market Organics

They have MO Wholefood Kitchen located at various locations just next door to their stores, which you can hire to host an event. All Wholesome !

Rosalie Gourmet Market

Location: Rosalie

A family-run boutique food hall, Rosalie Gourmet Market is best known as Brisbane’s best deli for freshly prepared, high quality gourmet food and artisan products. This gourmet grocer is renowned for providing everything from Australian cheese, freshly made artisan breads and patisserie items to cured meats and charcuterie, fresh fruit and vegetables, locally grown.

Picture Credits : Rosalie Gourmet

They also carry an extensive range of oils and vinegars, pasta and sauces, jams, preserves, specialty baking products and other pantry items. The kitchenware section contains a range of essential items as well as giftware. Their ready to eat home meals are delicious.

Fundies Wholefoods

Location: Paddington

Fundies Wholefood Market or Fundamental Food Store, is a hub of natural and organic foods. Fundies offers high-quality, flavorsome and naturally preserved foods, that are free of artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives. They have got you covered with fresh fruit and vegetables, wholefoods, vitamins, supplements and paleo products to help boost your immune system and much more.

Picture Credits: Fundies

Their Fundies Organic Wholefoods Café also offers a great healthy lunch alternative with

delicious salads, quiches, fresh veggie burgers, and juices.

Monika Groceries

Location: Fortitude Valley

Hiding on Brunswick Street between Harcourt and Arthur Streets, Monika Groceries offers authentic spices, food, gifts, jewelry and cultural novelties with Indian, Brazilian, Nepalese, Sri Lankan, Mexican, Colombian and Asian food and produce.

Picture Credits: Monika Groceries

The shelves are lined with vibrant displays of spices, flour, rice, lentils, beans, nuts and bread. Prepared and ready-made meals, sauces and frozen pastries, as well as cooking products and utensils are also available.

Flannery's Organic and Wholefood Market

Location: Chermside

One of Australia’s best organic health food stores and wholefoods market, Flannery’s offer a variety of delicious goodies such as certified organic fresh fruit and vegetables, gluten free alternatives like pasta, breads and crackers as well as cruelty free skincare and plenty of vegan foodie options.

You can find amazing nourishing and inspiring food recipes on their website.

Picture Credits: Flannery's Organic

Swiss Gourmet Delicatessen

Location: West End

Swiss Gourmet Delicatessen has been in the West End since 1980, with gourmet foods filling the shelves, from authentic-style marinara and pastas to mouthwatering imported cheeses and Belgian chocolates.

Picture Credits: Swiss Gourmet

Sweets and pastries are handmade, including Portuguese tarts, Italian doughnuts, flans, torts and tarts. They also provide catering services.

Harris Farm Market

Location: Clayfield

After an almost three-decade absence in the QLD, One of NSW's most beloved fresh produce retailers, Harris Farm Market has opened and set up its shop on the same site where it first expanded into Queensland in the 1980s for a full circle home-coming.

The Clayfield Store is a flavor-filled showcase of Queensland and Australian produce under one roof. It is the home to the best in fruit and vegetables, including a tomato shed, organic produce section and a leaderboard of Queensland strawberries and mangoes, as well as a gourmet grocery section of boutique local products, an extensive deli and offering of more than 200 cheeses, a bakery section with the best breads from sourdough to brioche, and a premium meat selection.

Picture Credits: Harris Farm Market

In an Australian first, milk from Queensland’s multi-award-winning Maleny Dairies on the Sunshine Coast hinterland is available at Harris Farm Markets ON TAP, the nearest thing to milk straight from the cow. Staff can either pour a bottle of Maleny Dairies milk straight from the tap, or you can pick up a bottle that has been freshly prepared.

Mirchh Masala Bazaar

Location : Woolloongabba

Mirchh Masala Bazaar with its cavernous interior holds an amazing vast array of Indian, Pakistani, Desi and Nepalese groceries by day and is a seller of delicious Indian street food in the evening upstairs.

It offers fabulous snack foods such as potato papad (pappadam chips), packets of mini samosa, fried lentils, khakhra (roasted cracker bread) and tiny coloured sweet mukhwas;

as well as the usual chapati mixes, chutney powder, ready to cook spice mixes, lentils and flours are soya chunks, mustard oil, roasted vermicelli and moth (sweet brown) beans, boiled and puffed rice.

The small Nepalese section carries dried and fermented veggies, Himalayan basmati, sweet and sour fermented plums, Tokla tea and churpi – a traditional hard dried cheese snack that was the precursor to chewing gum in Himalayan communities.

The Source Bulk Foods

Locations: Bulimba, Cairns, Caloundra, Carindale, Fairfield, Hope Island, Lutwyche, Maleny, Maroochydore, Miami, Noosa, North Ward, Southport, Springfield, Towoomba, and West End.

The Source Bulk Foods , brings its extensive range of bulk products to provide a waste-free shopping experience with no packaged products, encouraging shoppers to bring their own containers, grab a paper bag, or purchase a bottle or container to reuse again. A wide range of loose products is on offer, with everything from flour and dry baking goods to nuts, chocolates, dried fruit, grains and spices.

Picture Credits : The Source Bulk Foods

They specialize in gluten-free, paleo and organic products, such as organic gluten-free pasta, paleo trail mixes and gourmet grain-free birched muesli. You’ll also find a range of oils, condiments, honeys and syrups, as well as household items like shampoo, conditioner and dishwashing liquid.

Not only is the encouragement of reusable containers waste-free, but The Source allows you to only purchase as much as you need, eliminating the waste of unneeded leftovers.

So, that's our alternate grocer's list, in case you need something special and out of your usual supermarkets list.

Nonetheless, if you order from either supermarkets or these local grocery stores, you can always order from the comfort of your home, and get it delivered right at your doorstep within hours via a simple app - Zula Getz, with no minimum order value. How awesome is that ?

Zula Getz is a brand new Brisbane - based anything delivery app (like your Food Delivery App) that can get you Anything from Anywhere. Our only aim to give you a hand in life, so you get ahead with your time. Stay cool, do you, for everything else, let Zula Getz it.

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