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10 Simple Healthy Habits to Healthy, Happy Life

We all are victim of gaining weight unknowingly. One of the really common for women to add some weight is due to our emotion. The research from Mcclelland Institute shows that when women who are overweight try to hide their negative emotions to their partners will cause them to over eat (Mcclelland Institute, 2020). However, there are always people who are fit all the time. Let us take a closer look at their life habits and figure out the most relevant habits which support them to maintain their fitness body.

1 Starting their day early in the morning

"If you're a bird, be an early bird. But if you're a worm, sleep late."- Shel Silverstein

To keep healthy women who tend to spend their morning on fitness and healthy diet are more easier to get their sleep pattern regular (Dr.Anis,2020). But before you plan your early morning wake up, ensure that you are going to bed earlier the day before. Enough sleep amount is still as suggested.

2 They are focusing on what to eat rather than what not to eat

Food culture lets us pay attention to what we should not eat: low-carb diets, or "no-added sugar" labels. Healthy women don't need to worry about what they should not eat, they are excited about their food: fresh salad, tasty veggie dishes, and refreshing smoothies. When you are addicted to ice-cream cheese or other deep fried food. They tend to like fresh and real food other than processed food.

3 They fully plan their routine

Whether you admit it or not, habits are people's nature. Planning your day with a course of structure will not hurt. Setting a goal to let yourself accomplish certain things. These types of people have more positive thinking. However, those small changes in habits have been avoided by most of us but they are still the important keys to support your change of your healthy life. Northwestern medicine's article has recognized that having a routine can greatly improve one's health (Northwestern Medicine, 2020). Healthier you are the happier you can feel. Let us get ready to plan our day before getting into the real moves.

4 They truly enjoy exercising

Women who appear fit always are not born like that, its a bi product of positive attitude and healthy habits. They may go on a run to clear their mind or get rid of their negative thoughts. They find their pure enjoyment during the journey of exercise. Maybe it is not only limited to one form of sporting but different types of movement styles. Dancing, jogging with their dog. When getting their enjoyment constantly, they benefit from the end of the result. So dont dread your journey of exercise, embrace it, enjoy it, turn in into something you look forward to.

5 They rest regularly

If you believe that being fit it is all about how much exercise you have done throughout the week, you have only embraced half part of being fit. Exercising and taking rest are two sides of the same coin. Women who keep fit know their limitations and balance their life well. Your body needs time to recover and get used to what you are going to do. Doing a stretch when your body is tight and sore. Taking some time and getting relaxed in the bathtub when you need one. Also ensure you have a nice and full sleep.

6 They drink plenty of water

From head to toe, every part of our precious body requires water to function. Just to throw some watery facts, our body has approx. 60% water, brain and heart has 73% of water, lungs are about 83% water, kidneys are 79% and believe me when i say even bones are 31% watery. So, yes water is really important part of us and not just that it can directly affect our weight, hydration level and our skins. Hence, its a no brainer that drinking water regularly hepls you through an through to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

7 They never get too hungry or too full

Food is love, its an undisputable fact. And, same as love for food, either we under eat or over eat it backfires on our health. So, the point is our body should not feel starved or deprived. Being starved cannot support our body to choose what we truly desired.Food is not the enemy but energy. Our body needs a lot of energy instead of being lacking food. Work out is not the only way means you are using your energy. Chasing kids, stand all day to support your customers. It all spends your energy. If you feel hungry quickly after you finish your meal, take more veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Carry yourself enough snacks with you at all times in case hunger strikes, and consider a mid-afternoon salad or snack with some veggies if the gap between lunch and dinner feels too long. So, balancing your meal size is a must for all of us.

8. They intake a healthy diet instead of unrealistic changes in their diet

There is always no perfect world, so you could not expect yourself to eat 100% clean food. Fit people know better on scheduling their diet. Compared with people who are aiming to dramatically change their daily food intake or cutting specific food groups out of their diet. They set their diet routine in long run and embracing the right mindset:

You should take everything in moderation.

9. They keep updating their life with new challenges

Those people who are constantly keeping fit do understand the secret of keeping their life updated and interesting. Challenging themselves and trying new things get their excitement all on the way. Keeping yourself motivated is one of the part of keeping healthy. Stay curious and learn, spend more time chasing your hobbies and interests, which makes you passionate. Whether they are "health-focused" or not it does not matter. Eventually if it makes you happy, then it makes you healthy.

10 They enjoy the moment and know what they deserve

We force ourselves to work out or eat healthy, because we do not believe we are that type of person. A vicious cycle?No, confidence is a form of mindset. If we believe we are that type of person, it really helps to change your pattern of life behaviors. When you love yourself, your body and mind knows how to take care of yourself and do your routine work or diet. Getting in-shape does not mean amount of weight or the size of your cloth. It is all about giving your body the tools to feel its best because you deserve it.

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