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The Best Places to buy Indoor Plants in Brisbane

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Indoor plants are not just cool, they have the potential to make you feel great. Studies have shown that inddor plants can boost your mood, productivity and concentration. Reduce your stress and fatigue, clean indoor air and reduce noise levels. Get your first plant delivered for FREE with Zula Getz. So we have short listed Brisbane's awesome Indoor Plants seller for you.

Soul pantry is not only a place for indoor plants but comes with cafe and workshop classes. The spirit of gardening is what soul pantry aims to provide to their lovely customers. Plenty of green plants are displayed at their halls and keep your hunger and thirst at bay. Pots and flowers are available in both fresh and dried. Workshop-wise provides you connections with like-minded people and a wide range of resources. At soul pantry you can learn about everything from kokedamas and terrariums to living with plants in peace and harmony.

This place is good to those who are not ideal to feel overwhelmed by the more crowded nurseries out there. In the plant lounge you will find uncluttered timber shelved, all manner of indoor plants in woven and ceramic pots sourced from Australian labels such as Melbourne's Angus and celeste and Sydney's Jones and Co. Similar like other stores, this store runs workshops on plant care, terrariums, kokedama and more.

Eden Gardens which located in the suburb of Carseldine Brisbane. Same as its counterpart in Sydney, Eden Garden not only provides its quick shopping experience. It provides customers cafe on site. Similar like other nursery shops. They have a wide variety of plants to choose for both indoor and outdoor. They also have pots and gardening tools. However, compared with other plants shopping places this nursery itself sometimes feels more like a park or nature reserve. By their own word from Eden Gardens. It is great for a family day out lose yourself in their inspirational display gardens or linger over a delicious lunch in the cafes.

As a non-profit organization. This nursery already opened since 1994. It aims to practice skills for volunteers who are interested in plants and farm. While people who wish to design their garden, which works with nature can get guidance by their staffs. Stop by for organic fertilisers, organic pesticides, edible natives, herbs, beneficial bug-attracting flowers, fruit trees and vegetables.

Oxley nursery is famous about their drought-proof plant selection. If you wish to start a tropical, Balinese-style garden, this might be the best spot to look for. Available to book with their staff for a gardening design consultation.

Cottage garden which owned by Paul Van Deruse, who had more than 25 years’ experience. This place is an indoor-outdoor nursery. It provides all the green plants you are looking for your apartment. Comes with a cafe The Smug Fig next door. Give yourself a little reward once you finished shopping your new plant babies.

This store located in West End Brisbane. Plants are not the only attractive things in this nursery. If you are spending time to find some hardy favourites to rare varieties, this is a good place to get in. Their indoor plants are including monsteras, tassel ferns, zig zag cacti and more.

Their online website offers you workshop book-in.

Literally, Botanick is a private backyard. It has under good maintenance by their owner Andrea Fitzpatrick. Despite to sell plants, there are also out outsourcing antique wheelbarrows, concrete sinks, benches, and numerous other one-off finds that dot her eclectic nursery.

Brookfield Gardens which previously known as Brookfield Garden Centre. It is a good place to go for a little trip when you are heading to the western suburb of Brisbane. But its biggest drawcard is that you can pair your plant shopping with brunch at the delicious Wild Canary café, less than 100 metres away.

Mappin’s is located at the West End and it is close to the Saturday market the Davies Park Markets. It is a place to choose high quality green plants, while get some snacks and petting other people's dog. Inside this plant nursery you can find long and lush devil's ivy, rigid philodendrons and monstera. Also, their staff will ensure that you leave with knowledge of taking care your new green plant friend.

Looking for their workshops?

Hopefully you found the nursery you like nad you are ready to buy some plants. If you have decided to get a plant use Zula Getz delivery service to get that plant delivered for FREE.

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