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A one off $78 lifetime joining fee6 applies to all new members.

"Did you know: $1.25 from every ride goes directly to fund project aimed at reducing, preventing and recapturing CO2 emissions as well as looking after the communities we operate in. This include providing solar panels for the homes of our drivers and passengers via a 6 monthly draw helping to reduce carbon emissions even more.


25% of the fund is also used on local project aimed at helping our local communities prosper and recover from things such as bushfire and fight against corona virus."



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“Just like your regular commute, only without the stress, traffic and extra expense! “


A Brisbane based tripshare app, offering customers the chance to “trip-share” to their destination with people who are already driving on a similar route. Saving time, money and the environment, all while creating friendships and reducing the number of cars on our roads. We also provide instant concierge services and on the way courier deliveries 24/7 within 1.5, 3 and 8 hr windows at super competitive prices. Forget 9 to 5, we deliver anytime. From Big macs to Big Mac's [Apple computers] ;) Zula delivers.

  1. For active monthly subscriptions

  2. Up to 20kms, any trip over 20kms will incure $0.12/km charged directly to your wallet.

  3. Max 1/4 of trips can be taken each week i.e. 40 trips/month = 10 one way trips / week can be taken in any 1 one week (Monday to Sunday)

  4. Saving based on taking same number of rides using PAYG with no subscription @ $19.90/trip up to 20 km’s.

  5. Try us for a full working week (5 days up to 10 trips and 20km's max/trip) and if you don't like us we'll refund the total amount spent on fares for that week minus the non refundable joining fee.

  6. Lifetime joining fee is non refundable.

315 Brunswick Street

Fortitude Valley QLD 4000

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