More sales,

More customers,

More community.

Over deliver delivery with Zula & become the local favourite in your community.   

Why Zula?

We are locals just like you.

Which means to us you're more than just a number. 

We help businesses like yours reach customers in your area; over deliver an exceptional experience and grow into a business your neighbourhood cant live without.

Why Delivery?

Creates more opportunities for customers to buy your product or service by reducing the barriers. (Lets face it, we don't always feel like leaving home after a long day, thats where zula comes in.) 

Unlike traditional delivery options, we pick up ad hoc meaning no more cut off times.  Allowing your customers to get what they need when they need it = customers spending more, more often.

Make it easy for locals to get your product

From store to home without ever getting of the couch. 

You don't have to a be a restaurant to offer delivery. 

Customer expectations have changed forever.  


We make it simple to over deliver delivery, blow away your customers expectations and become the go to businesses in your community, the possibilities are endless with Zula Getz.

Build new relationships

Zula Gets is for the everyday. We make it affordable for everyone to have a personal shopper/errand runner.


Customers come to us and we introduce them to you, at the exact moment they're ready to buy. Helping you to grow your sales and build relationships through delivering exceptional experiences. 

Communication is key.

Keep your customers happy with real time driver tracking, updates and direct contact with the driver. No more wondering when the delivery is going to arrive.  

Make more profits with multi tier delivery options. 

With multiple delivery timeframes you can optimise for the type of customer you want, maximise profits and minimise overwhelm during busy periods.   

we believe that good business starts by building a solid relationship, looking after the client and the rest will take care of it self. 

 So go on what are you waiting for? plus we're helping to keep amazing locals employed during this tough time. 

At our core we're about using business for good, creating a better plac for all of us together. ur drivers, our customers, our partnrs, communities and the environment. 

 we care about our customers, meaning you get a personal relationship, more value, and ultimately a business you can grow with. more care and ultimately 

You don't have to be a restaurant to offer delivery. 

Go beyond click & collect. Same day delivery until 9pm

The world has moved past the 9-5, have you?  


Zula makes it easy to get your product to your customers when they need it most.  


Same day delivery until 9pm at a drop of a hat. Because life doesn't stop at 5. 

Ready to join our incredible community of businesses and make a difference?



315 Brunswick Street

Fortitude Valley QLD 4000

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